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Guideline for Bidders to use Digital Certificate

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03/06/2015  435   No.CGSWC/TAN-ARC/2015-16/7130Date-03-06-2015 Tender For Supply of DDVP 76%EC   Live
03/06/2015  434   No.CGSWC/TAN-ARC/2015-16/7130Date03-06-2015.. Tender For Supply of Malathion 50%EC   Live
03/06/2015  433   No.CGSWC/TAN-ARC/2015-16/7130Date03-06-2015. Tender For Supply of Deltamethrin 2.5%WP   Live
03/06/2015  432   No.CGSWC/TAN-ARC/2015-16/7130Date03-06-2015 Tender For Supply of Aluminium phosphide   Live
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Qualify and Disqualify List of 5925 Dated 12-05-15 New
Ammendmend Tender No. 417 Qualify and Disqualify List of 5634 Dated 06-05-15 New
Ammentment Tender No. 417 of Notice 5632 Date 06-05-15 New
Ammentment Tender No. 417, 420, 422 and 423 of Notice 5234 Date 25-04-15 New
Draft Tender Document for ADB ( Asian Development Bank)
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